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More on the job search front

Finding a job at a pr agency is much like an actor landing a good role. While some of the main pre-requisites have to be in place – experience, contacts, personality, etc (in the case of the publicist) – height, hair color, and shape (in the case of the actor) everything else is fairly subjective. As an actor you may have almost everything for the role- but you’re not funny or skinny enough, or you’re too tall, too wide, too something. As an LA publicist, you may be loaded with contacts at major national publications, but you just don’t click with the team, or the office you’re looking to join is schlak. Subjectivity… this is the word I’ve been saying for the last couple of weeks while we have been interviewing for several positions in our office.

It’s been quite a ride. We’ve met great people from all areas of PR and we’ve had the good luck of finding an amazing new coordinator- Shonte (who introduced herself in a recent post). But we’re also still looking… a never-ending job of finding the right fit, the person who will not only be great for the position, but who will also integrate into the environment and culture we have created.

So putting it out there… in the middle of holiday season – for anyone looking for a position, get in touch. We’ll try and keep the subjectivity to a minimum and see how things go.

Here’s to a happy holiday season everyone!



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